Fans jealous of this photo taken by Seolhyun and Park Bo Gum

The two are so good-looking that a candid backstage photo had fans buzzing.

Whilst Park Bo Gum is renowned for his visuals, Seolhyun‘s goddess-like features are also well known. So when the two are combined, you can just imagine how beautiful the outcome is!

Whilst backstage at the KBS Gayo Daechukje, the duo took a picture together in the waiting room, which Seolhyun then went on to share on her Instagram account.

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Even in such a casual pose, their visuals are overwhelming. The stunning photo showed the pair smiling and posing together. Many fans noted the similarity between the two, and even Seolhyun herself wrote in the caption how much the duo look alike. They both share beauty, that’s for sure!

Their outfits even shined next to each other, his white suit and her shining silver dress emphasizing their good looks!

Seolhyun and Park Bo Gum
Park Bo Gum and Seolhyun look great standing side by side.
Seolhyun and Park Bo Gum
People can’t help but be jealous of their incredible visuals!
Seolhyun and Park Bo Gum
His handsomeness and her angelic features make them such an attractive duo.

Have you ever seen such a stunning pair?