Fans lose their minds over J-Hope’s wet shirt

Everyone knows BTS members are some of the sexiest boys in K-Pop, but this photo of J-Hope‘s abs in a wet t-shirt is making fans go nuts.

While most ARMY may know that J-Hope has some of the sexiest abs in the industry, those who aren’t aware are in for a treat. Not only is he well-known for his body, there’s plenty of evidence to back up the claim and this wet shirt photo is the best proof yet.

Check out these beautiful photos of J-Hope’s abs below!

Starting off with a teaser so the best photo isn’t given out first!

This is just the start, get your hearts ready.

Now this is what you all came here for! The sexiest abs photo in the world.. and what inspired this article.

Unfortunately, that’s the end of this journey through J-Hope’s gorgeous abs. Until next time, here’s a GIF that’s as great (if not better) than the photos above!