Fans Losing It Over Photo Of TWICE Momo Kissing Dahyun

Dahyun’s reactions are just too much to handle!

Recently, a photo has captured the hearts of ONCEs because of Dahyun‘s hilarious reaction to Momo‘s kiss!


Dahyun looks like she’s trapped and knows there’s no escaping Momo’s love!


Then Momo holds her close as she smacks a kiss on Dahyun’s cheeks!


And Dahyun’s facial expression had everyone laughing in fits!


TWICE fans have always noticed that Momo loves kissing Dahyun, but Dahyun isn’t always prepared for the overwhelming affection.


Sometimes she looks like the kid who’s embarrassed by her mom kissing her in public!


Other times her face scrunches up as she awaits her inevitable fate.


Then there are the times where it looks like she’s completely given up.


But when fans look closer at Dahyun’s expression, she looks like she’s about to burst into laughter with happiness!


Dahyun may pull some hilarious faces when Momo kisses her, but she’ll occasionally flash a smile showing that she enjoys the affection.


And on even rarer occasions she’ll surprise Momo with a kiss of her own!


The DahMo ship sails strong!