Fans Love AB6IX Park Woojin’s “Crush On You” Dance, Both Then And Now

He has always been a dancing machine.

AB6IX‘s Park Woojin appeared on a recent episode of Weekly Idol and showed off his awesome dancing skills for the show hosts. While all his moves were all sexy and groovy, his “Crush On You” choreography was the best – because his fans got to reminisce about the young Park Woojin.


On the internet is Park Woojin’s JYP Entertainment agency audition video from years ago. In this old clip, the young Park Woojin is dancing to the track “Crush On You” by Crush. Even as a boy, Park Woojin had the right potential in him to wow the world!


And now, as a successfully debuted K-Pop boy group member on national TV, Park Woojin boasted the same moves, upgraded with more experience, more vibe, and more skills. It has been exciting for Park Woojin’s long time fans to see how much he has changed – or not at all.


Back then, the young Park Woojin had great energy and passion, as shown in his powerful choreography. He made sure to hit all the moves and not miss a beat.


The K-Pop star Park Woojin has more flow and groove. While the energy and the passion are about the same, the grown-up Park Woojin seems to have a lot more fun dancing to the song!


JYP Entertainment had fallen in love with the boy Park Woojin as well. Since this audition clip, Park Woojin ended up training with the agency for a while before moving on to PRODUCE 101 Season 2 and then debuting with Wanna One.


Now, as the main rapper and dancer of AB6IX, Park Woojin is taking over the K-Pop scene with his voice and his moves. Fans can’t believe how far Park Woojin has come, and continue to send love and support his way for his endeavors.


The Weekly Idol dance session definitely gave the fans a huge throwback to Park Woojin’s boy wonder days!

Watch a side by side comparison here: