Fans Are In Love With Apink Nauen’s Gorgeous Outfit

Fans of Apink‘s Naeun know that she is able to pull off any look, but at a recent event, she wowed them even more with this particular outfit.

On March 4, Naeun was seen performing in a black and white outfit, which included a black blazer with silver button details, black shorts, and a white collared top with a cute ribbon detail. Fans were mesmerized by how effortlessly pretty Naeun looked. Here are more photos of Naeun and her cute outfit:

Check out Naeun’s cute and playful outfit below:

From head to toe, Naeun pulled off this look effortlessly.
The little buttons on her jacket made it pop.
Naeun made this simple outfit look even better.
The white sleeves peeking out from the jacket were a nice touch.
Fans couldn’t get enough of Naeun in this outfit.

Need more Naeun? Check out this fancam of her in the outfit:

The outfit looks even more amazing in motion in this fancam of “Mr. Chu”.