Fans Love This Cute Interaction Between TXT’s Beomgyu And BTS’s Jungkook At The MAMA 2019

This little interaction is just too cute!

Fans are well aware of the relationship between TXT and BTS and it was no different at this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards. Fans could see the groups reacting to each other’s MAMA performances and it was just the most wholesome thing to see.



Watch BTS’s reaction to TXT’s performance below:




Watch TXT’s reaction to BTS’s performance below:




Fans also couldn’t get over how cute this little interaction between Beomgyu and Jungkook.



Beomgyu notices Jungkook looking in his direction.


Beomgyu tries to figure out why Jungkook is looking this way.


He realizes that Jungkook is looking at their monitor screen and promptly gets up to move it in his direction.



Jungkook frantically waves his hands saying it’s okay, but we can see that they are both smiling at this cute interaction.




Watch the full interaction below!

Source: theqoo