Fans are in love with Nayeon’s adorable habit

TWICE‘s Nayeon has gone viral with pictures of her cute pose. Fans have fallen for her natural cuteness as they shared photos of her cute little pose.

Nayeon at the filimg site for TWICE’s MV “Cheer Up”
Source: Twice JYPE Tumblr

Nayeon has an adorable habit of crouching her knees when she sits. She says that it is an instinctive habit to crouch.

Making her pose even cuter, Nayeon gives off an innocent look when looking up at other people while sitting down.

Sneaking a snack
Source: Tweez

The comfortable position and innocent look have shown the timid and protective personality Nayeon, giving fans another reason to adore her.

Nayeon’s dressed in a her rabbit onesie at a fin signing
Source: Instiz

Twice’s Nayeon is not letting go of this adorable habit anytime soon as she continues to melt hearts with her cute pose.

The innocent look of Nayeon is cuteness x100
Source: Instiz