Fans Are Loving GOT7 Jay B’s Relatable Cat Dad Vibes In His New Vlog

“Dad duties first, work second”

GOT7‘s Jay B filmed a vlog to record the process of his solo album, SOMO:FUME, and through it fans have gotten a glimpse into his life as an artist—and as a cat dad. It’s no secret that Jay B loves cats, as he has discussed how his cats fit into his daily schedule before (proving how responsible he is as a cat owner).

But Jay B’s Eye is allowing fans to see him in a new, more open way—and seeing Jay B living quietly with his cats is exactly the relatable content we needed.

Jay B filmed himself going about his day, chatting with his manager and practicing at dance rehearsal. But the majority of the episode actually takes place at his home with him sitting on his couch with his cats…

In fact, the comment that H1GHR MUSIC posted on the vlog’s YouTube post says “Dad duties first, work second.” If that doesn’t scream relatable then we don’t know what does! But it probably wouldn’t be a day in the life of Jay B if things didn’t get thoughtful at least once, and he certainly had moments where he seemed to be more seriously contemplating his life. Thankfully, his cats were right there!

Jay B clearly had a lot on his mind during this episode, but hopefully these soft moments with his cats bring him as much comfort as they do to fans who want to see him be happy, as well as to fans who see themselves in him.

Hopefully, future installments of Jay B’s Eye will give us a lot more Jay B Cat Dad content. But for now, it’s at least nice to see how he spends his time at home with his three kitties. You can watch the first part of his vlog below!


Source: YouTube