Fans Are Loving A STAY’s Reaction To An Interaction With Stray Kids’ Changbin

Even her own friends were laughing.

For a recent filming with Dingo, Stray Kids performed “Get Cool” and “Grow Up”  along with answering fans’ questions.


Before they got one minute into “Get Cool”, STAYs were cracking up at an interaction between Changbin and a fan.

To engage more with the audience, a few members stepped off the stage and walked down the side aisles. Changbin was one of them. When he spotted a female fan reaching out for a high-five, he fulfilled her small wish. What she did after had not only her friends laughing but fans around the world.

So excited from the interaction, she tapped into her comedic side to show just how happy she had been. Immediately afterward, she pretended to faint, falling back onto the floor with the most fitting expression on her face.

It was such a funny moment that the fan’s friends around her cracked up as well, tapping her to show how hilarious they found it. They were far from the only ones laughing, though.

STAYs found the moment so relatable. Many of them stated that she was the perfect representation of how they would react after interacting with a Stray Kids member.

Others joked she was a legend for making her reaction so dramatically funny.

Seeing Stray Kids perform, meeting Changbin, and getting to interact with him? Which STAY wouldn’t react this way? See the fan’s hilarious reaction to Changbin’s high-five.

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