Fans Have Nominated KARD’s BM As The Head Of Stray Kids’ Fanclub

It’s already been decided by unanimous vote.

During an interview, KARD‘s BM spoke about how impressed he was with Stray Kids’ stage presence.

He couldn’t hold back his thoughts and announced that the rappers of Stray Kids were crazy. He made it clear that they were full of energy and knew exactly how to get the audience to share in that energy.

STAYs were so grateful that BM acknowledged Stray Kids’ talent that they immediately nominated him for the head of their fanclub.

Yet, that wasn’t the first time BM praised Stray Kids. He was also impressed by the way they were able to take impactful camera shots.

There’s no doubt that BM seems to be a Stray Kids fan. And, he’s promoting them so well that he may as well already be fanclub president. Would you vote for him?