Fans notice something different about BTS Jimin

It’s no secret that BTS‘s Jimin has always been an idol with exceptionally good looks and he’s only getting more handsome!

Since his debut in 2013, BTS’s Jimin has always received significant amounts of praise for his appearance. His cute and bubbly appearance perfectly matches his energetic and silly personality.

Jimin’s change over the years has made fans quite curious how he’s managed to change so much. Some say it’s due to his muscles gain and loss of baby fat!

In any case, Jimin has only become more handsome over time!

Check out the difference between Jimin then, and Jimin now below: 

When he was younger, Jimin had a very innocent and sweet appearance.
Fans adored his chubby cheeks.
Jimin ‘s baby weight stuck around long throughout his teen years.

Now, Jimin has become even more handsome! He has a move defined jawline and sharper features!

Jimin is very sexy and mature now.
Jimin is not a child anymore and has a very masculine appearance now.
Jimin’s jawline is much sharper and defined now, giving him an elegant appearance.
Recently, he stunned fans with his incredible muscles.

Jimin isn’t the only idol who’s gone through an incredible transformation with age, GOT7‘s BamBam also grew into a handsome young man.