Fans Notice Something Unusual About Park Bo Gum’s Selfies With People

Park Bo Gum has a unique habit when taking selfies with friends.

Fans have noticed that Park Bo Gum consistently mirrors whoever he takes selfies with!

When Kim Go Eun smiles brightly, he smiles brightly.

If B1A4’s Jinyoung makes a stern face, he’ll make it too!

When Kwak Dong Yeon smiles with wide eyes, PBG’s eyes grow wide.

No matter what face Kim Yoo Jung makes…

Or his famous co-host, Irene…

The faces and gestures will be most definitely be identical!

Closed mouth smile with Go Kyung Pyo.

Open mouth smile with Ryu Joon Yeol.

The most cheerful of smiles with Ahn Jae Hong.

Eyes shut, mouth shut smile with his directors!

Even to the angle of their V sign…

Park Bo Gum perfectly aligns himself to perfectly mirror his selfie-mate!

Down to matching dimples, Park Bo Gum has mastered his skill in smiling just like his friends in every selfie!

Source: Dispatch