Fans notice V is completely obsessed with this part of Jungkook

of BTS is known for often doting on Jungkook, but fans have noticed that he seems to really enjoy this part of Jungkook the most!

V is known for his doting affection toward all of his fellow BTS members, especially maknae Jungkook! Fans recently noticed that V can’t help but play with Jungkook’s ears and earrings when he’s talking.

This habit is totally adorable and shows their fondness for each other since Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind!

Check out V’s habit below!

Even mid-interview V is distracted with Jungkook’s ears.

He seems to have picked up this habit years ago!

V doesn’t even seem to notice he’s messing with Jungkook’s ear sometimes!

V just can’t seem to get enough.

V’s affection is part of why he’s so loved by fans.

He always cares for Jungkook!

They’ve been friends since the start!
They always take care of each other!
They seem to have so much fun together.