Yoona Appears To Have Gained Some Weight, And She Looks Even More Gorgeous Now

Latest photos of Yoona caught her looking healthier and more glowing than ever!

Recent photos of Girls’ Generation Yoona revealed how she appeared to have gained some weight over the past few months.

Fans have already noticed this a few months back and couldn’t help but gush at her healthier, glowing look!

Fans Think Yoona’s Gained Some Weight And She Looks Even More Gorgeous

Many female celebrities get bashed on by netizens the moment they put on a bit of weight, but obviously not with Yoona as it suited her so well!

Her skin was literally radiant as she looked healthy and beautiful in her slightly chubbier cheeks!

She can no longer be stress anymore about being too skinny because she finally found the figure that she’s comfortable with!

Literally, a goddess come to life!

Fans can even catch more of her healthy glow as she appears in the second season of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.

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