Fans Noticed How BTS Suga and Kang Daniel Have A Very Unique Way Of Holding Their Phones

Only people with super large hands can hold their phones this way!

Fans have noticed that BTS’s Suga and Kang Daniel have a unique way of holding there phones, a way that many people, especially girls, cannot imitate!

Suga’s hands are so big that he can hold his phone vertically with his thumb and middle finger!

Suga probably doesn’t know the pain of dropping your phone flat on your face in this position thanks to his huge hands.

Fans have compared his hands to the size of his face. His hands are not only big, he has really long fingers too. Piano hands!

The true size of his hands can be seen in this photo of Suga’s and Jimin’s hand. Look at the size difference!

Kang Daniel’s hands are also enormous. It looks like he’s holding a little toy.

He holds his iPhone X with just two fingers and still has room to spare.

It looks like his hands are swallowing his fan’s hand!

Moreover, he was seen carrying popcorn with just one hand!

And these popcorn tubs aren’t that small. Even Ma Dong Seok uses his whole arm to carry the popcorn.

Source: Instagram

Fans have been amazed at how the two idols can hold their phones like this.

  • “Wow…if I hold my phone from the bottom I can’t even reach up to the volume key”
  • “My hand hurts from trying so many times…”
  • “How the heck do they hold it like that…”
  • “I have big hands but can’t reach…”
  • “Tried doing the Suga position and whaduya know, dropped it on my face”