Fans Noticed MONSTA X’s Jooheon Has Changed Since Debut

Fans have been noticing a drastic change in MONSTA X‘s rapper Jooheon‘s appearance compared with his debut image.

In preparation for their latest comeback, it would seem that MONSTA X’s Jooheon has chosen to upgrade his image through weight loss and a change in hairstyle.

Fans noticed in recent photos that Jooheon appeared slimmer than in his debut photos and that his hair was longest fans had ever seen it. His new look incited mixed reactions as some fans, who have started to worry about how much weight he may have lost.

His transformation from his originally rough-and-tough image into a softer more relaxed look is also causing fans excitement as he grows more handsome every day.

Check out his before and after pictures below.


Jooheon had a tough bad-boy image at debut.
His red hair was one of the most outstanding looks on him.
Jooheon is known for both his adorable personality and epic swag.
His signature eye smile is one of the reasons his fans adore him.


Jooheon looks sleek and chic in his new style
His hair is long and gives him a much softer appearance!
His new image suits the concept for the new comeback.
He seems to have worked very hard to rock his new image! / Source: Official MONSTA X

Jooheon’s new look complements his fellow highly visual members so well!