Fans Notice Something Unusual About BTS’s Fashion And Don’t Know How To Feel About It

Some fans love it and some fans don’t.

Throughout the years BTS has experimented with different styles of music and that has been reflected in their fashion choices. Lately, however, fans have started to notice something really interesting about their style and aren’t too sure how to feel about it.


ARMYs really began talking about the boys’ fashion right after “Idol” dropped. In the music video and all of their stage performances, the boys have been wearing some playful patterns splashed with bright colors.


It doesn’t matter whether they’re performing their title track or if it’s one of the side tracks the outfits have been catching everyone’s eyes.


The look has split the fandom and nobody is quite sure how to feel about the recent choice of outfits.


At the very beginning of their careers, each of the members wore something that was pretty similar to the others outfits.


And as time passed and each of them started to develop slightly different fashion, each member still wore an outfit that had elements that flowed into another member’s fashion choice.


Even in their “Fire” MV when each of them is wearing something completely different, there are hints of things that tie them together like their jackets and use of color.


But right around the time when they released “DNA”, their outfit choices started to get a lot bolder.


Which eventually led to the outfits they’ve been wearing most recently and some fans are calling out the coordinators for what they believe have been some odd fashion choices.

  • “I feel like ever since ‘DNA’, the outfits don’t feel united anymore and it’s all over the top.”

  • “No! But seriously I had so much fun looking at their outfits in the past. Did they change cordis?”

  • “Seriously the cordi needs to reflect.”

  • “Up to ‘DNA’, I used to find everything the cordi gave them so pretty, but since ‘Fake Love’, it just looked weird to me.”


While some fans just straight up don’t like the coordinators choice of clothing lately, others think the looks actually tie into the group’s concepts pretty well and think it looks really nice.

  • “Huh? but I find those totally pretty! And they suit the concept too. Isn’t it better than everyone wearing the same thing all the time? If you’re at BTS’s level, you have the right to be more experimental.”

  • “But I find them really pretty. And it suits the concept too!”

  • “I really like their outfits because it suits the festive theme for this comeback.”

  • “I totally love their outfits and them going well with the concept is a plus. I especially adored their ‘I’m Fine’ performance outfits.”


And some fans just straight up like the bold looks!

  • “I like it though. I like the fact that all those patterns make them look fancy. It weirdly suits them. I like how even their back up dancers are all colorful!”

  • “I like their outfits, especially those patterned suits.”

  • “The outfits really do make them stand out though. After this week of promotions and sitting through music shows, the outfits the other boy groups wear seem pretty basic. I’m personally not a fan of the ‘Fake Love’ or ‘I’m Fine’ styling but I love the ‘Idol’ outfits. They fit really well with the song and energy.”

  • “I really like the colorful suits though.”


Whether or not you’re a fan of the look, you’ve got to admit that BTS can pull off any style they’re given!