Lee Hyori Proves She’s Still Got It And Stuns With Upgraded Styling In Vietnam

Now this is what fans have been wanting!

Recently, Lee Hyori returned with her new track, “HOODIE E BANBAJI,” and received divided opinions on the track and styling. Many felt that the styling did nothing for her image and that the song was “too plain.”

Lee Hyori | lee_hyolee/Instagram

Netizens even criticized the stylist, wondering why they would dress her up like this.

Netizen comment | YouTube

I hope the stylist gets a wake up call after seeing these comments…what are you doing with a super star.

Recently, she also received backlash for her outfit and makeup at a Burberry event. They felt that the makeup did not highlight her best features and that the press photos worked completely against her.

Lee Hyori at the Burberry event. | | Sports Seoul

But most recently, she performed at Genfest in Vietnam and received overwhelming praise for her makeup and style!

Lee Hyori at Genfest | mmusic
Lee Hyori at Genfest | mmusic

Netizens loved the new styling and makeup, and hoped they would keep this up!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “The new styling is crazy! It matches her so well.”
  • “They could have dressed her up better for her song. At least they read the feedback quickly. The results are good.”
  • “I feel like the first outfit is her style, though.”
  • “I love the last outfit!”
  • “She’s so freaking pretty, though?”
  • “Isn’t the first outfit to match her new song? Either way she’s still a super star seeing how people talk about this.”
  • “She’s truly a born-to-be superstar.”
Source: theqoo