Fans Praising MAMAMOO’s Unique Lightstick Design Made Specially For Fans With Disabilities

At first, fans wondered why this feature was included but…

MAMAMOO has always been the group to help the fans with disabilities to feel like they are a part of the fandom culture. From sign language incorporated choreography to Korean subtitles on live broadcasts, MAMAMOO knows how to appreciate all fans regardless of their abilities.


Of course, this appreciation showed in how the group’s official lightstick was designed. Fans are praising MAMAMOO’s effort to always include something special for the disabled fans.


When the classic radish-shaped lightstick design was first revealed along with its features, fans understood the need for color variations and remote controls, but wondered about the “vibrating motor”.


The vibrations are specifically built in for the visually-impaired or the hard-of-hearing fans who still want to experience the fandom-wide remote-controlled lightstick cheers. So with the remote controlling system, MAMAMOO can create vibrations in the lightsticks, helping the fans with disabilities to feel what is going on in the crowd and enjoy with the rest of the fandom.


The vibrating motor module went on sale separately for the fans who do not wish to purchase the upgraded version of the lightstick. Now fans from all ranges can rock out with MAMAMOO!


Remember the humble beginnings though? Before anything official ever came, fans cheered on with an actual radish-shaped plastic toy. The “Moomoobong (무무봉, MAMAMOO lightstick)” came a long way, right alongside with the group itself and the fans!

Source: Insight