Fans are praising TXT for being so considerate at M Countdown

This is what they did for another group and their fans

On April 4, fellow rookie boy group Stray Kids accomplished their first music show win for their release “Miroh”.

This was clearly a stirring moment for Stray Kids who were seen crying and hugging each other while they accepted their win.

The leader of Stray Kids, Bang Chan, accepted the award on behalf of the group and gave a speech thanking Stays for their support.

While this was happening, some noticed that TXT were quietly crouching down behind Stray Kids while Chan was giving their speech in order to not be in the view of the camera.

TXT have received attention for their heights with their average height being 181cm. In contrast, Stray Kids’s tallest member Hyunjin is 179cm.

Since they were standing behind Stray Kids during the end of M Countdown, TXT started crouching down, so that the camera would be focused on Stray Kids and their emotional moment.

Fans of TXT and Stray Kids have noticed this action and have praised TXT for being so considerate and respectful so that Stray Kids and Stays could share this special moment.

STAYs have thanked TXT for this small gesture that showed how mindful they were of their fellow idols.

Congratulations to Stray Kids and Stays on their first music show win!