Fans Predict BTS Will Make A Comeback In August After Seeing Jungkook’s Face In Recent Japan Broadcast

What do you think?

BTS recently held an online Japanese showcase to promote their Japan album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~The Journey~ and greeted fans with an interview and performance. During the opening of the showcase, fans noticed how much slimmer Jungkook looked in the broadcast. Although already in good shape, they felt that his jaw line had become a bit sharper than before.

Photos shared by fans reveal a much more prominent jaw line on Jungkook and can’t help but think that a comeback is just around the corner!

Another reason why fans think a comeback is underway is because the Flower Smeraldo blog, which was suddenly updated recently, revealed that the Smeraldo shop would be reopening sometime in August. Every time the blog updated about when the flower shop would open BTS has held a comeback so it’s no surprise that fans are anticipating an album drop very soon.

Aside from a possible comeback, Jungkook’s outfit for the Japanese showcase became another sold out item to add to his “sold out king” list. His full denim-on-denim outfit gained much attention causing the $1,500 USD shirt to be sold out.

With their Japanese album receiving good feedback including Jungkook’s track, fans are eagerly waiting for August to roll around to see if we get another comeback from the boys! Who’s ready for another album drop? We most certainly are!