Fans predict this TWICE member will soon become the true visual of the group

It’s not a secret that TWICE is a girl group filled with members of top-notched visuals. And while the focus lately has been on member Tzuyu and Sana, this member is quickly getting recognized for her beauty as well.

On an online community board, several .gifs of member Jungyeon was shared causing many of the netizens to comment their awe at her cuteness and attractive visuals. Not only that, the .gifs also reflects her ability to come off mature with a hint of sultry.

Currently, TWICE has completed their promotions for “Cheer Up,” which continues to stay in the Top 10 of the digital charts as it stays in rank with Urban Zakapa and EXO, and has switched gears to the track “I’m Gonna Be A Star.” Unfortunately, Jungyeon is not participating in their follow up activities due to the leg injury she acquired during filming of Law of the Jungle.

Source: Instiz