Fans Prepare Meaningful Large-Scale Project To Celebrate BTS Suga’s Birthday

Happy birthday Suga!

With BTS Suga‘s birthday just around the corner, fans have started to prepare celebrations with extravagant projects and events. Baidu Suga Bar, a Suga fan club from China, prepared a large-scale birthday project that consisted of six parts. Take a look at all the amazing things they have prepared for Suga’s birthday!

Part 1

For the first part of the event, they will be reading fan messages to Suga through the radio to celebrate his birthday.

Part 2

A huge billboard advertisement will be played on 42nd and 8th in Times Square. He will also be the first K-Pop artist to appear on this Billboard.

Part 3

They have even taken over 9 lines of the Seoul subway station and will have a total of 1072 LED screens relaying birthday messages to Suga.

Part 4

You can see Suga at Lotte World Theme Park until March 11 KST with a huge video LED screen event as well! He is once again the first and only artist to be shown on the video LED screen.

Part 5

Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of Suga while shopping at Olive Young in Korea. They will be playing video clips of Suga in over 1,200 Olive Young stores in Korea!

Part 6

For the last part of their project, they donated 390 chicken packages to 39 nurseries in Korea in celebration of Suga’s birthday, which is March 9.

Fans flooded Twitter with posts and videos after finding or discovering these advertisements and videos in Korea and New York.

“I couldn’t pass through without taking a look at our beautiful Yoongi at Bus Terminal Station.”

“Thank you for this event I saw his video! I was so happy to see him when I walked in!”

Fans are excited to see what other events people have planned for Suga’s birthday! Happy early birthday to you Suga!