Fans question the amount of screen time given to Produce 101 trainees

Viewers are wondering why some of Produce 101’s struggling trainees have been receiving more screentime than higher ranked contestants.

On a recent episode of the idol survival show, the male trainees of Mnet‘s Produce 101 can be seen dancing to Season 1’s version of “Pick Me”. Just like the opening performance, the trainees were placed on the stage in order of their rankings. The top, or ‘A,’ ranked trainees took center stage while C, D, and F ranked trainees were spread around its perimeter.

It was pointed out that while A ranked trainees, such as Lee Daehwi and Samuel Kim, were given multiple solo shots, F ranked trainees such as Jang Moonbok and Park Sungwoo also received the individual attention.

Since this meant that F ranked trainees ended up with more screentime than C or D ranked trainees, fans of these members were left disappointed.

This isn’t the first time Produce 101 has gained attention for how they treat their trainees differently based on rank. Prior to the start of the season, Mnet where caught in a discrimination controversy where higher ranked trainees were treated better than the rest of the contestants.

Watch the performance of “Pick Me” below.

Source: Dispatch