Fans Rank BTS From Most To Least Humble, And You Will Be Shook By How They Answered

This might be the hardest question on the internet.

Despite the original poster clarifying that they know all of the members of BTS are down-to-earth, when fans were asked to rank BTS from most to least humble, it could have been the start of something terrible.


Of course, when you’re fans of a group that encourages positivity, things have a way of working out for the best. Most ARMY who replied were quick to point out that there isn’t necessarily a “least” or “most” humble member because they don’t necessarily think highly of themselves.

I would not describe them as “most to least humble” at all. I don’t think they feel of or portray themselves in that dimension at all. They are humble—period.

—Esmeralda Herrera, K-Pop fan


Most ARMY instead chose to rate them by self-confident or most grateful, which is just so on-brand for both BTS and ARMY.

I can’t really put someone last as they’re all very genuine and seem like your average, sweet guys.

—Louise Blackwood, K-Pop fan


Even the fans who took the time to craft thoughtful responses, ranking them from most to least, included caveats to their posts.

I am nobody to judge, they’re human beings just like everyone else and they’re very inspirational people. This is just my opinion:)

—Lisa Jean, K-Pop fan

ARMY found a creative way to share their thoughts while maintaining a positive outlook and attitude, and that’s pretty darn impressive!

What would you have done if you were faced with the same question?

Source: Quora