Fans Realize EXO’s Baekhyun Has A Secret Side Job

And he’s really good at it!

EXO‘s Baekhyun is known for his super playful personality and it seems like almost everything he does reflects this.


So it wasn’t too surprising when fans noticed Baekhyun puts his cheerful charms to good use!


Besides being adorably silly, Baekhyun also loves to tease his members especially Chanyeol.


He’s been teasing him from the very beginning, comparing his ears to Yoda…


Or getting in a mock fight with him!


And Baekhyun hasn’t slowed down in his teasing one bit. Remeber when EXO had their “Ko Ko Bop” comeback and Chanyeol accidentally said it was NCT’s comeback?


Then there was the time Chanyeol decided to go into stealth mode during a livestream.


And Baekhyun quickly followed suit a few moments later!


More recently, EXO went to the gym together and Chanyeol was caught doing this impressive slam dunk.


Not to be outdone, Baekhyun pulled out all the stops and did one of his own!


But the moment when fans absolutely knew Baekhyun had a gift for teasing Chanyeol was during a workout video that he posted.


While Chanyeol was lifting a heavy weight, Baekhyun made everyone smile when he made a big fuss lifting his own dumbbell!


Then proceded to get into an imaginary boxing match afterward!


All that teasing has led fans to declare that Baekhyun has a side job in memeing Chanyeol!


But really it’s one of the cutest friendships ever!