Fans Realize TXT’s Yeonjun Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To Nick Wilde The Fox

Big Hit has officially become Zootopia.

As TXT‘s Yeonjun continues to actively promote “Run Away” with his teammates, K-Pop fans are being plenty blessed with his outstanding visuals.


And the more they see him, the more they are reminded of Nick Wilde, the fox, from Disney’s “Zootopia”!


Fans have noticed Yeonjun has a very “foxy” face…


… and his facial expressions often resemble the animated character of Nick Wilde!


Some of Yeonjun’s pictures and GIFs are 200% in sync…


… with Nick’s certain moments from the movie, “Zootopia”.


With that being said, fans are claiming Yeonjun is K-Pop’s newest “Nick Wilde” —


And it is hard to argue against that claim, with an uncanny resemblance like this!