Fans Say This Is The Best Look From Red Velvet’s Zimzalabim Era

There was speculation over whether the girls had a new stylist.

Fans were shook when Red Velvet took the stage on Day 2 of the K-WORLD FESTA. Aside from their amazing stage presence and performances, their outfits were a major talking point amongst ReVeLuv.

The most beautiful outfit in Zimzalabim era!😍

—YouTube user Song Ji Ri

Many felt this was Red Velvet’s best look from their “Zimzalabim” era, which has had many hit-or-miss fashion choices. But, it was Wendy‘s outfit that fans felt was the biggest improvement overall.

Why is everyone saying those outfit are bad?? They fit the songs, they are matching, and Wendy doesn’t have the worst one for once! Considering what they’re usually given those outfits are good

—YouTube user Diane Valentino

I love Wendy’s outfit here. 💕

—YouTube user JoyismyQueen12

What do you think? Is this your favorite look from the “Zimzalabim” era?

Watch the full performances of “Zimzalabim” and “Power Up” below:

Red Velvet