Fans Are Saying That BTS’s Jungkook’s Intense Gaze Makes Him Look Like A Jaguar

He always delivers a powerful performance.

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for being the group’s baby maknae and for his puppy-like visuals.

Many fans notice how Jungkook’s gaze changes once he’s on stage, however. His eyes get bigger and more intense and instead of looking like a puppy, he looks like a jaguar.

His performance on stage is very strong and powerful, with some comparing it to a predator finding his prey.

I thought he was a cute baby rabbit, turns out he’s a predator.

— Korean Netizen

When BTS performed in the Lotte Family Concert, Jungkook snatched fans hearts with his sexy and intense stage presence.

With Jungkook normally being seen as cute, people can’t believe the maknae’s duality. Many find watching him on stage addicting and that they wish to find a guy both cute and cool.