Fans Share EXO’s Work Schedule List From 2013, And It’s Really Crazy

Mad props to these gentlemen.

An online community shared a list of EXO’s work schedule for 2013 and gained the attention of many fans. Even before diving into what kind of schedules they did, the amount of things listed on the schedule was just crazy.

In June alone they had over 60 schedules to cover ranging from music program performances, TV shows, radio programs, fan meetings and more.

August was just about as hefty as June with over 60 schedules for the month. The continuous repetition of music show performances, radio shows, TV shows, fan meetings took over their summer.

In September and October, they had less things scheduled than the summer, but they still had an average of a schedule a day. What’s crazy is that some of these schedules took place overseas and yet they came back to Korea ready to tackle even more things on their schedule.

In November they continued their work flow of music shows, TV shows, radio shows, and concerts.

December, which is one of the busiest months for idols, they continued to push forward with their usual music program, TV program, radio program schedules on top of preparing for the end-of-the-year ceremonies that took place on all major TV broadcasting stations.

With a schedule as jam-packed and crazy as that, there seemed to be no such luxury as spending the holiday or birthdays with friends or family. These crazy schedules by idols show just how committed and hard-working they are to bring the best to their fans, even if it means sacrificing their own time.