Fans Share Photos Of Idols That They Snapped Without Them Knowing, And The Results Will Shock You

Are these pictures for real?

It’s unbelievable how good these idols look even when they don’t know their picture is being taken!


EXO‘s Baekhyun, who seems to be greeting some fans, looks so cute in this photo with his ribbon headband while holding his mic.


BLACKPINK‘s Jennie’s extremely tall and thin figure stuns as she walks past her fans.


Here, BTS‘s Jungkook stares blankly out into the audience, but still looks chic…


You can see the sparkles in his eyes!


Even though it’s out of focus, NCT Taeyong‘s sharp features still stand out and highlight his good looks.


Here, he is wearing a shy grin as he walks out of a room.


Red Velvet‘s Irene stands against the wall looking at her phone. Look at those proportions!


TWICE‘s Tzuyu looks like a doll rocking her glasses and sporting an oversized Versus t-shirt!


While fans try to get a snapshot of V, his jawline is truly as “daebak” as ever.


Last but not least, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon exudes presence and authority in this candid photo of him on stage.