Fans shocked by how much PRISTIN’s Xiyeon has grown up

After appearing in several other idols’ music videos, PRISTIN‘s Xiyeon has grown up to become an idol herself.

Rookie girl group PRISTIN recently made their debut with “Wee Woo”, and the public have already noticed a familiar face in the group.

While appearing in Mnet‘s trainee survival show Produce 101, Xiyeon attracted a lot of attention for her natural and innocent visuals, as well her as killer half-moon eyes when she smiles.

However, more and more people have begun to realize that Xiyeon had appeared in other idols’ music videos, and even performed with them on stage before she debuted.

Xiyeon starred in After School‘s “BANG!” music video, where she was one of the child dancers, and she also performed in one of their performances of “Love Letter”, as she was a trainee of their agency, Pledis Entertainment.

She later made an appearance in another PLEDIS group’s music video,  Orange Caramel‘s “Aing”, and revealed how much she had grown since appearing in After School’s “BANG!”.

]Xiyeon also starred in the 2008 KBS drama series, The Forbidden Legend: Kumiho, and several television commercials as a child, where she proved that she wasn’t only talented in singing and dancing, but also acting as well.

Check out this fan-made compilation of all of Xiyeon’s appearances as a child!

Source: Dispatch