Fans Shocked By How Expensive IU’s Sweater Really Is

IU has been drawing attention for a sweater that appeared minimal at first but was later revealed to have cost thousands of dollars.

On February 3rd, IU and actress Hanna Kang decided to eat at a restaurant to catch up and enjoy their time together. At the restaurant, IU wore a colorful red and blue striped sweater decorated with a large tiger.

To commemorate the special event, Hanna posted an adorable picture to her Instagram account with a caption that teased IU’s cute sweater: “The tiger power.”

지금 호랑이 기운이?

A photo posted by 강한나 / Hanna Kang ? (@k_hanna_) on

However, it was quickly revealed that the sweater actually costs a shocking $1,343 USD! That’s just if you purchased the Gucci sweater in Korea too. In the US, it fetches a price of $1,500 USD.

Take a look at the sweater below!

Gucci Sweater
The sweater costs a staggering $1,500 in the US!

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Source: Dispatch