Fans snapped photos of how skinny Momoland JooE is in real life…Koreans amazed

They didn’t expect her to be so skinny.

Fans are amazed at how thin Momoland’s JooE is in real life and are jealous of her long legs!

JooE is well known for her energetic Tropicana commercials where she makes silly faces.

She has always been known for her hyper energy on stage, but some fans think her comical dances and the ugly faces she makes have hidden how beautiful she really is.

But now perception is changing due to some fan photos taken of JooE while she was out in Busan promoting The Show for MTV.

She wore a pleated miniskirt and high heels that showed off her long, slender legs and paper-thin body.

Fans are jealous of her long, beautiful legs and her thin body.

Momoland’s JooE’s body is the best… her legs are long and thin… wahh I’m so jealous — Plum LEE

Pretty legs are the best ㅜㅜ — POWER

We hope JooE continues to entertain us with her fabulous personality on and off the stage!

Source: Dispatch