Fans Speculate That Girls’ Generation Will Have a Comeback Soon

Does this mean we’ll get an OT8 comeback soon?

Fans were quick to notice how the members of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) are starting to constantly use the word “slowly” in their posts. Fans believe they are teasing a new comeback.

First, Sunny posted an Instagram update telling fans that she has recharged her energy. She also asks fans,

Should I slowly…?!


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에너지 충전했으니까.. 슬슬….?!

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Yuri commented on Sunny’s Instagram post, asking if they can slowly hang out!

Taeyeon also commented on Sunny’s post, telling her that they should slowly recharge their energy. Sooyoung replies to Taeyeon’s comment, laughing!

Member Yoona also commented on Sunny’s post, saying that it’s right to recharge since it’s been so exhausting. It can also be seen in her comment that she is laughing!

On top of that, fans have noticed that two members have dyed their hair—Taeyeon and Yuri! Yuri has dyed her hair red.

While Taeyeon has dyed her hair blonde!

Fans are hoping that all of this means a new comeback as a whole group.

Do you think Girls’ Generation will have a comeback soon?

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