Fans Split EXO Sehun’s Face In Half And Notice Something Remarkable

Two different emotions in one handsome face!

EXO’s Sehun is famous for many things, such as his extremely handsome face.


Recently, some netizens divided an image of his face in half, and realized it was almost as if two different people emerged! They argue that while his right side is warm and welcoming, the left is cold and aloof.


But those two split faces came from the same photo of Sehun!


But it wasn’t just a coincidence! Others showed the same pattern: a warm, welcoming right face and a cold, stoic left face!


It’s almost as if there are two different people: one friendly, one angry, but both incredibly attractive!


The consistency between these split pictures is extraordinary: how can one face display two different sets of emotions at the same time?


What an exceptional facial feature for an exceptionally attractive man!

Source: Nate Pann