Fans Spot BTS V Telling Pretty Fan That She Can Call Him Her Boyfriend

At a recent BTS fan signing, V could be seen telling one lucky fan something that made them green with envy.

“You look like a lot of guys would want to contact you, am I right?”

— BTS’s V


He then became quite protective and told her the sweetest thing in the case anyone ever bothered her.

“If you think they aren’t that great, or if you don’t really like them, give them oppa’s [my] name.”


V further added that she could even tell anyone who bothered her that he was her boyfriend!

“You can tell them, ‘Hey, I’m with someone right now. Don’t bother me.'”


He then smiled shyly and held her hand before she moved on.


Besides V, Jungkook also made her the luckiest ARMY ever when he remembered her a whole year after he last saw her.

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