Fans Start Week-Long Protest Truck In Front Of YG For The Demand Of WINNER Mino’s Solo Comeback

They hope YG will keep their promise.

Fans of WINNER‘s Mino have waited long and hard for a comeback and have yet to hear any news from YG Entertainment.

Fans have come together to create a protest truck that will be making rounds in front of the YG building and press buildings for a week in order to voice their demand for a solo comeback.

These are the demands that fans are requesting from YG:

  1. More precise time frame for MINO’s solo comeback
  2. Release a solo comeback by the third quarter of 2020
  3. At least two or more solo comebacks before military enlistment
  4. Two solo comebacks (mini albums included) every year to be released
  5. To hold many solo concerts and hip-hop concerts in Korea and overseas (online concerts included)
  6. Solo promotional activities to be at least two months long
  7. Full and constant support for Mino’s solo activities
  8. Create Mino’s YouTube channel and use #MINOTV personal YouTube contents
  9. Create solo project that showcases his dancing skills
  10. Create choreography with male dancers and famous choreographer (super hard chores)

  1. Total support. No low-quality/low budget music videos! NO! OUT!
  2. Use of various media outlets to promote his solo activities
  3. Promotions on music entertainment shows and other various broadcasts (examples: music talk show, music collaborations, etc.)
  4. Hold countdown V LIVE’s before comeback
  5. Hold long time frames for album pre-orders! Make enough album copies that won’t cause problems with album sales
  6. Use his name ‘MINO(Song Min Ho) on music sites for songs he has featured in
  7. Add his ‘hip-hop award’ to his list of awards on his Soribada website profile
  8. Always take care of his outfits and hair at all times
  9. Continue to take legal action for malicious comments towards Mino
| @dcmino0330/Twitter

The protest truck will be making rounds from July 27 to August 1 for a total of six days. It will run from 9AM to 5 PM KST for a total of eight hours.

The truck course will start at the YG building then to the press building and back to the YG building.

You can check out the protest video message below:

The banner on the truck reads: “Song Minho’s Solo Plans, Keep Your Promise YG”

| @dcmino0330/Twitter

Below is the schedule of the protest truck for the week:

July 27:

9-5 YG Building

July 28:

9-12 YG Building

12-15 Ilgan Sports, NEWSIS, Money Today, etc

July 29:

9-13 YG Building

13-15 TV Report, Newsen, Enews24, etc

15-17 YG Building

July 30:

9-17 YG Building

July 31:

9-13 YG Building

13-15 OSEN, Joy News, etc

15-17 YG Building

August 1

9-13 YG Building

13-15 MyDaily, Insight, Kookmin Ilbo, etc

15-17 YG Building

Mino released his first solo album XX with the title track “Fiance” on November 26, 2018.