Fans Surprised Over Rainbow Hyunyoung’s “Drunken Make Out” Scene

Fans of Rainbow were surprised to see member Hyunyoung drunk, and making out with a man in the latest episode of the drama she’s currently appearing in: “Makdoemokeun Yeongessi”.

The scene is sexy and comical, and fans were impressed with Hyunyoung’s acting as it’s the first time doing a scene such as this. It begins with a rather intoxicated Hyunyoung and her male co-star standing in a stairwell. She’s repeatedly tries to show off how sexy she is, while the reluctant man seems to be unsure of how to reply. Suddenly she slips on the stairs and falls into his arms, then presumes to start kissing him passionately while people walk past, chucking at them under their breath. Check out the scene for yourself below!