Fans Swear These Foreign TWICE Members Look Naturally Korean

They’re gorgeous no matter what!

TWICE has a very popular foreign-line consisting of Tzuyu from Taiwan and Sana, Mina, and Momo from Japan. Among these four ladies, there are two that fans swear can pass as naturally-born Korean!

1. Mina

Studies say that the Japanese face is generally longer and wider, while the Korean face has a more prominent jaw and higher cheekbones. Mina definitely has the cheekbones that perfectly match her small face. Among all that belong to the foreign-line, netizens believe Mina looks the most Korean.

Mina! Actually, I didn’t know the nationality of TWICE members so I thought Mina was a Korean.

Like Mina’s name, I thought she was Korean when I first saw her.

At first, I thought Mina was a real Korean and Chaeyoung was a foreignerㅋㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizens

2. Tzuyu

Tzuyu has smaller down turned eyes that can make her blend in with her Korean members. With her small face, clear eyes, and sharp nose, she is clearly a top-class visual.

Actually, they’re all pretty no matter what nationality they have ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

At first, I didn’t know that Tzuyu was a Taiwanese member.

– Korean Netizens

Whether they look Korean or Japanese or Taiwanese, all TWICE members are absolutely gorgeous!

Source: theqoo