Fans Are Swooning Over Lee Dong Wook’s Sweet Back Hug With SHINee’s Onew During “Sea of Hope”

The whole cast is super sweet!

Actor Lee Dong Wook is always able to make fans fall head over heels with any role he plays. While Lee Dong Wook is always capturing hearts acting, he’s just as swoon-worthy in real life!


As many know, Lee Dong Wook stars in the variety show Sea of Hope alongside Kim Go Eun, Lee Ji Ah, Yoon Jong Shin, and AKMU’s Lee Suhyun and SHINee‘s Onew.


For those unfamiliar with the JTBC show, the episodes center around the celebrity cast as they fix homemade dishes for guests and put on musical performances at their very own seaside bar.

The new show got off to a great start and even had BLACKPINK‘s Rosé as their first guest.

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During the show’s recent episode, Lee Dong Wook showed off his charming blush-worthy personality to his fellow cast member Onew.

While Onew’s hands were busy cooking, Lee Dong Wook created an adorable K-Drama scene by feeding Onew some yummy food! Just like in the dramas, Lee Dong Wook did the cutest back hug, lowered Onew’s mask, and feed him!

While the back hug was especially charming, it appears that all the cast members are great at taking care of one another! From gentle pats on the back to massaging each other, this show is full of several sweet moments!

Check out the clip below:

Source: Star News