Fans Are Taking Paper Cups To Fan-Signs And It’s Actually Pretty Genius

Watch, learn, and remember for your next fan sign!

With a bit of at-home crafting, paper cups can become the most precious communication tool at your favorite K-Pop group’s fan sign event. When this fan brought her cutting edge paper cup phone device to EXO-CBX‘s fan sign, Baekhyun knew exactly what to do!


When Baekhyun noticed his fan holding the paper cup phone, he gestured to try it out with her.


After listening to the fan speak into her end of the paper cup phone, Baekhyun said something back into the cup he was holding.


Other EXO-CBX and K-Pop group fans are absolutely stunned by this girl’s idea to bring something as simple as paper cups to share one of the more intimate and memorable moments with her #1 star.


Watch the adorable interaction between Baekhyun and his fan communicating through the old-school-science-experiment-turned-the-most-important-item-to-take-to-an-idol-fan-sign!


Here is how you can make your own paper cup phone for your secret conversation with your K-Pop bias:

Source: Dispatch