Fans Discover A Chinese Cosplayer Who Could Be G-Friend Eunha’s Twin

This popular Chinese cosplayer’s doll-like visuals make her look just like GFriend‘s Eunha!

A Chinese female cosplayer, Xiao Rou, who also goes by the nickname SeeU, caught the attention of the K-Pop community for her striking similarity to GFriend’s Eunha. They both have large puppy eyes, petite figures, and gorgeous smiles. The visual similarities between the two stars are uncanny, and fans nearly mistook one for another!

Check out these photos that truly show how similar Xiao Rou and Eunha look! 


Eunha has garnered a lot of attention for her outstanding visuals and vocal talent since her debut.
Isn’t she so adorable?
Her cute visuals make it look like she’s cosplaying every day!
Eunha’s cuteness is undeniable.

Xiao Rou (SeeU)

Xiao Rou looks like Eunha’s doppelgänger!
Do you think they look alike?
Xiao Rou cosplaying at a beach.
SeeU’s cosplaying skills are insane! She looks exactly like Merida from Disney‘s Brave! 
They have extremely similar features. The two could pass as twins!