Fans Think This Is The Most Legendary Moment EXO Baekhyun Has Ever Had

A legendary scene for EXO’s Baekhyun was made when he was playing Korea’s childhood favorite game “The Hibiscus flower has bloomed” in the TV show Master Key.

The game had a bit of a twist as the goal was to cover yourself with an umbrella so that you are not revealed by the person up against the wall.

To win you have to run up while hiding and not get caught by the opponent and successfully hug your teammate waiting on the wall.

Baekhyun successfully ran first for his teammate Jo Bo Ah and this happened.

The most romantic scene in the history of a game TV show was capture on screen.

The moment just became no one else but them as Baekhyun swiftly rushed up to Jo Bo Ah underneath the umbrella.

The intimate eye contact and how close they were to each other made fans scream.

If this wasn’t all, Baekhyun lifted Jo Bo Ah into his arms winning the round for his team and showing off his manly side.

Fans just can’t get over this romantic moment under the umbrella and deemed it Baekhyun’s legendary moment.

Source: Dispatch