Fans Think This K-Pop Group Has The Most Stylish Merchandise

Purchasing merchandise is one way that fans love to show support for their favorite idols both financially and by repping their brand in public and at events.

WINNER fans (and even fans from other fandoms), however, think that WINNER makes the experience even more special with their consistently stylish and elegant fan items.

Take a look at their merchandise from last year and see if you agree:

1. Lightsticks

WINNER provides its fans with a lightstick that’s just as slick and elegant-looking as their logo. Lit up, these lightsticks are certainly beyond stylish.

2. Album Booklets

Their last album, FATE, came in four versions.

Seoul and LA versions:

Youth and Dream versions:

3. Clothing

It’s not only their albums that are stylish and elegant. Take a look at the shirts they released that carried lyrics from their tracks such as “Love Me, Love Me”

Even baseball caps with the quote, “I Will Be Your Island.”

4. Accessories

Everything from their eco-tote bags to their key rings to their pins looks beautiful.