Fans Think Yoona’s Gained Some Weight And She Looks Even More Gorgeous

Yoona’s recent public appearance is gaining a lot of love because of her recent weight gain!

From her debut, Yoona’s been famous for her slim body.

She actually said that she gets stressed that she is too skinny since its hard for her to gain weight.

She revealed several times that she tries to gain weight, unlike many other celebrities who try to lose weight.

However, fans recently spotted Yoona looking much healthier with more fat on her slim figure.

And the fans absolutely loved her new healthy glow!

Yoona attended the Marianas International Film Festival in Saipan in a gorgeous black dress.

She looked stunning, and fans are guessing that she gained a bit of weight since her last public appearance.

Fans are just happy to see Yoona looking healthier than ever!

Source: Dispatch