Fans Are Thirsting For BTS’s RM And His Arms…And We Can See Why

He’s out of this world.

When it comes to BTS‘s RM, he’s best known for his leadership skills, songwriting prowess, and rap talent. That’s not all he deserves to be known for, however, as his visuals are also top-notch.

His face is perfectly proportional…

…and his body is out of this world!

RM is particularly known for having the best arms in BTS—and arguably in the entire K-Pop industry.

He’s been slowly building his muscles since the start of his idol days. Even since the beginning, stylists saw how well he could pull off sleeveless shirts.

As the years past, he grew…and so did his arms. Even if they were covered in sleeves, fans could immediately zero in on them from anywhere in a room.

We can look at them all day!

Without a doubt, arms and RM go hand in hand.

In the latest online concert of BTS, MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, the highlight was, again, on RM and his guns.

We can see why!

When it comes to handsome visuals, BTS’s RM is unreal.

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