SONEs Are In Tears After Reading Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Sweet Message To Fans

Now this is what you call a leader!

Recently, Girls’ Generation held their 15th anniversary fan meeting and made a night to remember for the fans. After the amazing night, Taeyeon left a heartfelt message online through Bubble and had fans in tears.

| @85_sone_ty_39/Twitter

I’m finally writing a letter to you all after settling down. Thank you so so much for having fun with us at the fan meeting yesterday. Everyone got home safely, right?

If I could take a moment to compliment our members, they are friends who have a great sense of responsibility and have so much love for their fans that they spent their whole hearts and mind into preparing for this fan meeting.

Honestly we wondered if we could pull this off with our busy schedules, but as time passed and we grew more mature, we have become even more amazing adults. Our members who know how to love and know how to be loved are all so amazing and lovely. And I am so happy that our sone are always with us and supporting us.

Sone, although we are all living our own busy lives and there may be times that we break down, I hope that Girls’ Generation gives you a bit of inspiration, good stimulus, a good memory, hope for the future, create the present, and become a precious person to each other. 

Although there may be many things that happen in our lives, we know that there won’t always be just good days…please come find us when you are having a hard time or tired. We will also lean on our Sone too.

Thank you for making 2022 even more special and precious. Although the fan meeting has ended, we are looking forward to what’s in store for us next. Everyone please take care of your health. Thank you and love you so much.

She also asked fans to spread the message above so that it can reach even the fans that are not a part of Bubble yet!

| Taeyeon/Bubble

Please share the message I wrote just now so that it can reach even the people that don’t have Bubble. But honestly who doesn’t do Taeyeon’s Bubble these days?

Fans that read her message were so touched by her sweet words and promised to be SONEs even in the next life.

  • “Please be Girls’ Generation in the next life so that I can be a SONE again.”
  • “I was so happy yesterday at the fan meeting.”
  • “That’s our leader! A leader of a long-running group is different.”
  • “She is so good with words. We love you Taeyeon. We love you Girls’ Generation!”
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