Fans Are Touched By BTS Jimin’s Kind Gestures At The 34th Golden Disc Awards

Jimin has got the personality of a true super star!

Fans are touched by BTS Jimin’s kind gestures at the 34th Golden Disc Awards on January 5.





In one clip, Jimin moves his seat and let’s J-Hope know that fans are trying to take pictures of him. Jimin kindly moved over to the side to allow fans to take better photos.





Fans were happy to see Jimin close-up as he moved to the front of the stage to greet fans from a closer view. A clip reveals Jimin making certain hand gestures, asking fans not to push one another. He tells fans that he can “see everyone” and tries to stop fans from pushing just in case someone might get hurt.






Another clip shows Jimin making certain gestures to fans telling them not to yell too much because their throats could hurt. Fans were touched that he thought of them even while he was not performing.






Here he signs back to the crowd letting them know that he loves them too.






Fans were so touched by his gestures and couldn’t help but call him an angel.






It’s no surprise that Jimin has got it all from visuals, talent, to personality!