This Is How Fans Are Tricking The World Into Learning About K-Pop

Whenever there is a feud on Twitter, you can always bet that there will be an inkling of K-pop amongst the tweets.

Throughout the year there have been a plethora of ‘over parties’ on Twitter whenever a celebrity says or does something in particular that does not bode well with the general public.  Of course, when this happens people are quick to check the hashtag that is created for the scandal in order to inform themselves of the juicy gossip. Amongst the drama, K-pop fans have taken upon themselves to sneakily promote their favorite idols using these hashtags and videos.


So how do they do it? They simply create a video with the controversial content and then merge it with a video of a k-pop performance. Surprisingly, these tweets gather a mass amount of retweets and likes. This causes humor among K-pop fans and confusion to those who watch the video in hopes of knowing what is happening. Two prime examples of this phenomenon would be the #lukeisracists trend and the #bellathorneisoverparty that saw quite the amount of K-pop tweets amongst the drama.

The #lukeisracists trend began after 5 Seconds of Summer lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings mocked foreign fans’ accent when saying the member’s names. Netizens were quick to call out the singer in the hashtag, but amongst the tweets, these few tweets made themselves to the top.

Looks like Big Bang is having a hard time clearing up Luke’s racist remarks.

Jay Park‘s sexy dance seems to be a pretty good distraction from the drama.


The #bellathorneisoverparty came after actress Bella Thorne attempted to clarify her relationship between singer Charlie Puth and actor Tyler Posey to the public, but instead just made things messier with her commentary. K-pop fans were quick to take advantage of this situation by creating their own k-pop tweets.

BTS tries to dance to Bella’s defense.

Jay Park was so shocked his shirt came off.

Bella is just like “TT” over the situation.

What were your favorite “Over Parties” of 2016?